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Your donation have a great importance in launching, extending production, completing the project, helping people who need thermo woolen belts for health.

We will send you a gift, some of the Thermo Woolen Belts.

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Thermal Woolen Belt Keeper Of Your Health

Thermo Woolen Belts, Natural Heat Regulators

Thermo Woolen Belts are natural healthcare products, with specific custom design, composition of organic wool fillers and natural materials, intended for preserving and protecting human health, can be used for therapeutic treatment of the human body as well as for relaxing.

Thermo Woolen Belts act as NATURAL HEAT REGULATORS, maintain optimal and natural body temperature and humidity at the painful spot. Protect from cold and humidity, even at -30 degrees Celsius.

Many health problems, rheumatic pain, poor circulation, back pain, arthritis, sciatica and lumbago, diabetes, fungal infections and other problems as well as more frequent weather and temperature changes that can adversely affect the body, but also the modern way of life.

Completely Natural
Can Be Worn on Duty, During Resting
In All Other Activities
Protect From Cold And Maintain Warmth

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