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Upcoming Inventions

Set Underwear Slim Antistress for Men with Biomagnets, Magnetobiological, Bioresonance Effect of Tourmaline, comfortable fabric with silver ions.

Tap and Table Aqua Water Treatment Technology, removes harmful impurities, Mechanical, Chemical, Biological, replaceable cartridge with Aragon BIO Technology – 100% Protection Against Viruses and Bacteria.

Swarovski Crystal Chip Guard for Mobile Phone, is able to minimize unwanted frequencies, battery chip – sticks on the phone’s battery, made of Swarovski crystal, that makes protection from your mobile phone.

Self – Heating Tapes (Sweatband) for cold & lung disease, are intended for acute and chronic lung diseases, cold, flu and other related diseases, which healing based simple on the heat and secretion of harmful contents by sweating.

Corrective Leggings for gradual reduction in weight loss, the normalization of blood vessels, prevent fatigue and swelling of the legs, Anti-cellulite effect, Anti-varicose effect, Modeling effect

Thermo Woolen Insoles for Your Feet, wool maintains optimal temperature, the so-called “pleasant zone” by maintaining the heat of your foot, absorb sweat, mend damaged feets

Thermo Woolen Belt for Spine/Lower Back, keeps the optimal temperature of the body, for: back pain and rheumatism, sciatica and lumbago, bone aches, poor circulation, orthopedic problems, workers outside, in refrigerator trucks and cold storage, sportsmen, athletes, hunters, fishermen, cyclists, bikers, mountain climbers, etc. 

Thermal Woolen Belt Keeper Of Your Health

Thermo Woolen Belts, Natural Heat Regulators

Thermo Woolen Belts are natural healthcare products, with specific custom design, composition of organic wool fillers and natural materials, intended for preserving and protecting human health, can be used for therapeutic treatment of the human body as well as for relaxing.

Thermo Woolen Belts act as NATURAL HEAT REGULATORS, maintain optimal and natural body temperature and humidity at the painful spot. Protect from cold and humidity, even at -30 degrees Celsius.

Many health problems, rheumatic pain, poor circulation, back pain, arthritis, sciatica and lumbago, diabetes, fungal infections and other problems as well as more frequent weather and temperature changes that can adversely affect the body, but also the modern way of life.

Completely Natural
Can Be Worn on Duty, During Resting
In All Other Activities
Protect From Cold And Maintain Warmth

Swarovski Crystal Chip Guard For Mobile Phone

This is your protection from mobile phone and its negative frequencies. It is necessary to evaluate the danger of electronic devices not only in terms of radiation power, but also when it comes with the methods of their use. After all, we turn on some devices and stay away from them, the distance is important.

The main factor affecting health is the frequency at which mobile phones work. Signal energy destroys brain cells. In addition, this signal, according to recent studies, opens up access to the brain for various toxins, including heavy metals.

Swarovski Crystal Chip for your Mobile Phone is able to minimize unwanted frequencies. Swarovski Crystal Chip Guard set consists of 2 components:

  • Battery chip – sticks on the phone’s battery.
  • Chip Swarovski Guard – Chip Swarovski Guard – made of Swarovski Crystal, which makes it an exquisite accessory for your mobile phone.

It launches the mechanism for restoring health, blocking negative energy, positively transform and “cleanse” energy. It’s one of the most powerful protectors against negative unwanted frequencies of Mobile Phone.

Choose a crystal color that will decorate your phone and protect your health:

  • Classic – White
  • Gentle – Blue
  • Bright Blue – (Capri Blue)
  • Attractive – Red (Siam)
  • Strict and Elegant – Black (Jet Hermatite)

Spy Monitor & Glasses – Brand New Patent!

With Spy Kit you will be safe at any time. At work, at home. Spy monitor and glasses give you the ability to broadcast content and can see it only one who watches over Spy glasses. The screen is white when is viewed with the naked eye.

You can use it in any case. Private work, business work, without thinking whether someone will see it on the screen. All that someone will see is the white screen, except you. Can also be used for games, investigations, etc.

Also Spy glasses would protect your eyes from radiation.

Air Disinfection And Purification Appliance – Russia

Photocatalysis is an environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless method of Air Purification.

At its core, it is a reproduction of natural photochemical processes that constantly purify the air in nature, where air purification is mainly carried out by plants in which, under the influence of light, they produce oxygen – the active oxidant of harmful elements in the air.

  • Complete safety of usage in the presence of people Indefinitely.
  • The warranty period is two years; the service life of the appliance is not less then five years.
  • Light weight and small dimensions allow positioning the appliance at any convenient point in the premises.

Does Not Filter Dirt, It Destroys It!

Magnetic Fitness Sneakers Booster for Health – Russia

Walking in fitness-sneakers reduces the load on the joints, trains muscles, strengthens the entire musculature system and burns calories.

Improves gait and posture; normal state of health; decreases pain in the neck and back; strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves; decreases the load on the hip and knee joints; decrease in weight.

Technologies in one pair of Sneakers:

  • Magnetic therapy
  • Acupunctur
  • Special unique design

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